Latin America is a continent of new markets and opportunities for investment, with unexplored resources and great natural and cultural diversity. For those who want to explore new horizons, our Spanish as a Foreign Language Program (SFL) provides an introduction to a language that will offer a new perspective of Colombian and Latin American Culture. The SFL program has Colombian culture as its focal point, and the course has a number of excursions to places of special interest for visitors, as well as offering an introduction to Colombian folklore and customs.

The objectives of the Spanish as a Foreign Language Program (SFL) are based on the design, coordination and implementation of specific educational strategies that seek to enrich the teaching and learning processes for international students of Spanish as a foreign language.

The SFL program offers a communicative approach which focuses on teaching that promotes oral and written interaction while adapting to student requirements.  It reaches its objectives through in-and-out of the classroom activities that are set out to develop learning with everyday Spanish putting forward communicative skills and the cultural attributes of Colombia.

The program is divided into 4 levels that go in line with the Common European Framework (CEFR).  These are: Spanish A1 (beginner level); Spanish A2 (elementary level); Spanish B1 (intermediate level); and Spanish B2 (upper intermediate level).  These levels go hand in hand with the linguistic, social, academic and cultural requirements of those students who are participating in the Spanish as a Foreign Language program.

The SFL program can be taken on a semestral, intensive or personalized basis.


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